Wasaga Skim Jam: Recap

Wasaga Skim Jam Poster FINAL

We hosted a skim jam in Wasaga on Saturday and had a great turnout! A big thank you to everyone who came and helped out! The weather was absolutely perfect, the pizza was delicious, and the skim conditions were good thanks to a cooler, hose, and  several buckets filling the creek that was drying out.


Here are the photos from Iza’s camera. More photos and videos will be on the way soon!

IMG_7433 IMG_7436 IMG_7445 IMG_7446 IMG_7478 IMG_7479 IMG_7480 IMG_7482 IMG_7489 IMG_7490 IMG_7494 IMG_7495 IMG_7502 IMG_7512 IMG_7527 IMG_7556 IMG_7557 IMG_7558 IMG_7565 IMG_7574 IMG_7582 IMG_7583 IMG_7584 IMG_7607 IMG_7611 IMG_7629 IMG_7639 IMG_7644 IMG_7645 IMG_7646 IMG_7653 IMG_7663 IMG_7669 IMG_7682 IMG_7704 IMG_7707 IMG_7708 IMG_7709 IMG_7711 IMG_7715 IMG_7718 IMG_7723 IMG_7728 IMG_7740 IMG_7743 IMG_7747 IMG_7752 IMG_7758 IMG_7774 IMG_7787 IMG_7788 IMG_7789 IMG_7795 IMG_7796 IMG_7797 IMG_7826 IMG_7850 IMG_7854 IMG_7917 IMG_7927 IMG_7929 IMG_7931 IMG_7934 IMG_7941 IMG_7960 IMG_7973 IMG_7981 IMG_8005 IMG_8009 IMG_8027 IMG_8038 IMG_8043 IMG_8044 IMG_8053 IMG_8054 IMG_8055 IMG_8056 IMG_8070 IMG_8077 IMG_8088 IMG_8093 IMG_8095 IMG_8106 IMG_8116


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